Acquire, Improve
and Integrate

Every business that joins the Amcomri Group has a proud history and exceptional talent.

When we become a part of that story, our purpose is to accelerate performance and ensure long term capital value, whilst treating the business and its people with the respect their history deserves. It’s all part of our vision to develop our group of businesses with unique engineering skills or specialist manufacturing operations.

To achieve this, we’re lucky to have operational specialists with a diverse
skillset and strong commercial industrial knowledge. We’re able to take a
very hands-on approach, working in partnership with management teams
to support and incentivise the business and drive prosperity.

We believe in coherence and co-operation across our group and
encourage interaction and the generation of joint opportunities by our
management teams, building business together


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The latest news and announcements from across the Amcomri Group.

Amcomri Group has today confirmed the acquisition of WJ Project Services Limited (WJPS), a specialist UK-based SME that provides high voltage (HV) electric infrastructure installation, test and commissioning

Amcomri Group has today confirmed the completion of its acquisition of Spiral Weld Limited, a specialist weld overlay and machining company who offer a unique

Amcomri Group has today confirmed the acquisition of E-Trac Limited (“E-Trac”), a specialist in the testing and repair of rolling stocktraction and control equipment.  The purchase of E-Trac provides an